Commission Terms and Conditions
Our commission terms are payable as follows:

Agents commission will be paid by The Johannesburg Land Company (Pty) Limited (“the Landlord”) on an effective cause basis in accordance with the South African Property Owners Association’s scale of fees subject to the following:

  1. Commission will be limited to a five year lease agreement unless specifically agreed to the contrary in writing.
  2. No commission will be paid in respect of any Assessment Rates and Taxes contributions and/or other levies.
  3. No commission will be paid in respect of renewal options or additional premises leased to the tenant during the currency of the lease.
  4. No commission will be paid on any rental paid as part of a financing arrangement or on any amortized costs.
  5. Payment of the commission will only be paid upon the fulfiment of the following conditions:
    • the lease being signed by both parties,
    • the deposit has been furnished by the tenant to the landlord in an acceptable form,
    • the first month’s rental has been paid, and
    • a valid VAT invoice for the commission has been submitted to the Landlord timeously.
  6. Should there be any extenuating circumstances, the Landlord reserves the right to negotiate the commission tariff payable on any transaction.

Difficulties can arise where prospective tenants direct enquiries through a number of agents. Recognition of introductions will lapse after 21 days unless we have confirmation of ongoing contact. The agent must accordingly keep in regular contact and we would recommend that this be done by way of written status reports on all current enquiries.